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Aug, 31 2021

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The basics

About Even



Even is built on ultra-modern cooperative values and belongs exclusively and collectively to Breton dairy farmers, i.e. its members. Even is proud of its cooperative DNA, seeking to create a sustainable and meaningful organisation through cross-disciplinary, democratic governance.  

Cooperative DNA

Even Cooperative, the group's parent organisation, belongs exclusively and collectively to Breton dairy farmers, i.e. its members. Its mission is to collect and process the milk produced by its member farmers in a sustainable manner, in order to secure the long-term future of their farms. Even Cooperative is built on a trust-based model involving reciprocal commitments under which farmers are required to deliver all of their milk to the Cooperative under the terms of an exclusivity agreement. In return, the Cooperative undertakes to collect, process and pay for all the milk that it is offered.

Coopérative Even: fundamental principles 

  • Even Cooperative belongs collectively and exclusively to milk producers (its member farmers), who hold members' shares,
  • It may not be sold or transferred,
  • It may not be relocated,
  • It may not be offered for public sale: its share capital may not be sold or shared, and the majority of its capital must always be held by milk producers,
  • A percentage of Even Cooperative Even profits are redistributed to member farmers, another portion is reinvested, and the remainder is placed in reserve for use in future projects.

Cross-disciplinary, democratic governance

At Even, member farmers are both shareholders and milk suppliers. The Board of Directors comprises 17 member farmers, elected by their peers. Eight members of the Board of Directors are appointed as Executive Committee Members, led by Guy Le Bars, the Chairman of Even. The Management Committee, meanwhile, comprises a CEO, Christian Griner, and six other directors.

 Gouvernance coopérative