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Nov, 20 2018

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EVEN | Kolectou, "don't waste the crumbs!"

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Even is a cooperative food industry group founded in Brittany in 1930. It is one of the major players in the French food industry, employing more than 6,000 people and with a membership of 1,400 farmers.
Since its inception, Even has been driven by the same ambition: to secure a reliable supply of healthy food and to create sustainable human and economic wealth for its member farmers, employees, Brittany and the other territories that it serves. 


Even is a member of Coopérative Even, the group's parent organisation. It employs 6,110 people and has a membership of 1,370 farmers.


Even's vocation is to secure the long-term future of its members' dairy farms.


In 1930, 27 farmers joined their force and created dairy cooperative of Ploudaniel.

Les agriculteurs Even


Even is built on cooperative values and belongs to dairy farmers, i.e. its members.

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Even is firmly attached to its roots in Brittany, yet is open to the world, with customers in more than 110 countries.