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Aug, 19 2020

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Ergonimist Laïta,
Créhen (Côtes d'Armor)

“Laïta is one of the few agri-food companies to have a full-time, ergonomist. My task is to improve existing workstations, but increasingly I work on prevention from the project design phase. On the Créhen (Côtes d’Armor) site, in 2019, we created the warehouse for receiving raw materials which also prepares orders for the productions of the infant tower. The layout was devised with the contribution of all the users: the area manager, fork-lift drivers, the new works manager, the prevention officer, the Quality Health Safety and Environment Department, etc. We integrated the wishes of the project group into the construction of a 3D model, taking into account the way the operators work. In this way we planned the position of the goods delivery area, the order preparation area, racks, pedestrian paths, traffic lanes and fork-lift manoeuvring areas. By involving the employees from the start, everyone was able to take ownership of the future layout of the warehouse and turn the constraints into strengths. The team is very satisfied with its new working conditions and has made further proposals to improve the functionality of the building even more.”